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1972 Born in Hyogo, Japan.
1995 Graduated from the Department Educational Psychology (BA), Kyoto University.
2000 Graduated from Kawashima Textile School
2006 Fellowship of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists.
2007 Overseas Study by Pola Art Foundation.


Solo exhibitions

1999 Gallery Maronie (Kyoto/ Japan).
2001 Gallery Maronie (Kyoto/ Japan).
2003 Gallery Coju (Kyoto/ Japan).
2005 Gallery Gallery (Kyoto/ Japan).
2006 Gallery NAF (Nagoya/ Japan).
   Gallery Gallery ex (Kyoto/ Japan).
2008 Art Space Kan(Kyoto/ Japan)
2010 Red Mill Gallery/Vermont Studio Center (U.S.A)
2012 “Reflection Space, a Garden echoing with Heartbeats”
   Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art :APMoA Project, ARCH, vol.1 (Aichi/Japan)

   “Melting Core” Art Space KAN (Kyoto/Japan)
   “Melting Core” TANADA Piece Gallery (Kyoto/Japan)
2013 “Silent Voices” yoshiaki inoue gallery (Osaka/Japan)
2016 "Ghost, the days passed by" Ise Contemporary Art Museum (Mie/Japan)
2017 "Reincarnation" yoshiaki inoue gallery (Osaka/Japan)
2021 "Prayer" Gallery Land's End (Hyogo/Japan)


Selected group exhibitions

2000 "In our Hand-- the 5th International Competition” (Nagoya/ Japan).
   “International Tannan Art Festival” (Hukui, Tokyo/ Japan).
2001 “Hira Museum Spring Exhibition”, Hira Museum (Shiga/ Japan).
2002 “International Textile Biennial”, Ormeau Baths Gallery (Belfast/ U.K.).
2003 “Selected Artists--2003 new wave-”, the Museum of Kyoto (Kyoto/ Japan).
   "Floating Object", Wacoal Ginza Art Space (Tokyo/ Japan)/ Gallery Maronie (Kyoto/ Japan).
   “Textile Miniature”, Gallery Gallery (Kyoto/ Japan).
2004 "Floating Object", Wacoal Ginza Art Space (Tokyo/ Japan)/ Gallery Maronie (Kyoto/ Japan).
   "Through the Surface-Collaborating textile artists from Britain and Japan",
   The James Hockey Galleries (Farnham/ U.K.)
   / Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts (Norwich/ U.K.)/ Bankfield Museum (Halifax/ U.K. )
   / Nottigham Castle (Nottigham/ U.K.)/ The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto (Kyoto/ Japan).
2005 “Revealed-Nottingham's contemporary textile”, Nottingham Castle (Nottingham/ U.K.).
2006 “The 5th Valcellina Award”, Coricama center (Maniago/ Italy)
   / The Museum of textile art and industrial tradition (Busto Arsizio/ Italy).
   “Selected Artists--2006 new wave-”, The Museum of Kyoto (Kyoto/ Japan).
2007 “Kyoto Art Fair”, Takashimaya Department Store (Kyoto/ Japan).
   “International Textile Symposium Graz”, Raiffeisenhof (Graz/ Austria).
   “Kaunas Art Biennial”, Kaunas, M. Zilinskas Art Gallery (Kaunas/ Lithuania).
2008 “Three Dimentional Miniature Works”, Wacoal Ginza Art Space (Tokyo/ Japan)
   / Gallery Maronie (Kyoto/ Japan).
   "Form, expression and memories in textile", Applied Arts Center (Gödöllő/ Hungary).
   “The 6th Valcellina Award”, Coricama Center (Maniago/ Italy)
   / the Museum of textile Art and Industrial Tradition (Busto Arsizio/ Italy).
   "Message", Applied Arts Center (Gödöllő/ Hungary).
   “Miniartextil Como -- Matrix Nature", Church of San Francesco (Como/ Italy).
   “Luna Forest /ACAC artist in residency in autumn”, Aomori Contemporary Art Center (Aomori/ Japan)
2009 "Arte Faleria Festival"Orolontano gallery (Faleria/Italy)
   "25th Years International Textile Art Graz",Raiffeisenhof(Graz/Austria)
   "Nishinomiya Hunasaka Biennial- prologue " (Hyogo/Japan).
   "KIAF Korea International Art Fair", (Seoul/ Korea).
2010 "Kyoto Kogei Biennale", The Museum of Kyoto (Kyoto/Japan)
    Nishinomiya Hunasaka Biennial- relationship (Hyogo/Japan).
   "COMES FROM" Cultural Pole (Chieri/Italy)
   "Place of Silence"Casanata Library (Rome/Italy)
   "Art Fair Kyoto" Hotel Monterey (Kyoto/Japan)
2011 "BITE-SIZE -Miniature Textiles From Japan and UK, Daiwa Foundation Japan House (London/U.K.)
   "KIAF Korea International Art Fair" (Seoul/Korea)
   "GYOSHO the gallery circus" Spiral Garden (Tokyo/Japan)
   "Seven Angles" Nara Prefectural Library (Nara/Japan)
   "Genpei Yashima Contemporary Art Exhibition" Gallery Accostage (Takamatsu/Japan)
2012 “Exhibition Featuring Contemporary Artists from Harima- Yoshimoto Naoko, Kubo Takeshi, Asada Nobuo”
    Himeji City Museum of Art (Hyogo/Japan)

2013  “16th DOMANI:The Art of Tomorrow Exhibition-The Achievements of the Japanese Government
    Overseas Study Program for Artists Provided by the Agency for Cultural Affairs”
    The National Art Center, Tokyo (Tokyo/Japan)
2015 "Pola Museum Annex Exhibition" Pola Museum Annex (Tokyo/Japan)
   "The Echigo - Tsumari Art Triennial" (Niigata/Japan)

   "Book Space - Listening to the Murmurs" Kyoto Seika University Gallery Fleur (Kyoto/Japan)
2016 “HYPER JAPANESQUE” Jandela Visual Art Space (Singapore)
   “NYAMA NYAMA Art Festival” (Burkina Faso)
2017 “Harada no Mori Renewal Open Exhibition” Harada no Mori Gallery (Hyogo/Japan)
   “Roppongi Art Night” (Tokyo/Japan)
   “Future for Urushi+Metal+Ceramic+Textile” Tohoku University of Art & Design (Yamagata/Japan)
2018 "PHO-TEX"gallery gallery (Kyoto/Japan)
   "TRAMANDA-the thread between past and future" Accademia Albertina of Fine Arts (Turin/ Italy
   "Art Islands Tokyo" (Tokyo/Japan)
2019 "JAPAN UNLIMITED"  frei_raum Q21 / MuseumsQuartier (Vienna/Austria)
2020  Collaboration with  Co3 Contemporary Dance "Bird Makers Project"(Perth/Australia)
   "Paper Objects" Gallery Lands End (Hyogo/Japan)
2021 "the 4th Collection Exhibition 2020" Aichi Prefectual Museum of Art (Aichi/Japan)



2015 Collaborations with Himeji City Museum of Art and schools projects
    - Naoko Yoshimoto × Joken Junior High School "The Form of our Hearts" (Hyogo/Japan)
2017 "Ghost, the days passed by" The National Art Center Tokyo (Tokyo/Japan)



2006 Grand Prix, “Selected Artists --2006 new wave--”, The Museum of Kyoto (Kyoto/Japan).
2006 Grand Prix, “The 5th Valcellina Award” (Italy).
2009 Asian Artist Fellowship Honorable Mention, (Vermont Studio Center/ U.S.A)
2011 The Kyoto Prefecture Culture Prize/Incentive Prize (Japan)



Nottingham Castle Museum (Nottingham/ U.K.) Purchased by Contemporary Art Society (U.K.).
the International Archive of the Artists' Books (Italy).
City of Chieri(Italy)
Leopold Collection (Austria)
Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art (Japan)




Copyright (C) 2009 NAOKO YOSHIMOTO All Rights Reserved.