t o p

w o r k s

b i o g r a p h y

n e w s

l i n k

c o n t a c t



"texture of memory" 2001

texture of memory 2001

"memory miles in my hand" 2004

memory miles in my hand 2004

"white coffin" 2005

white coffin 2005

"the book" 2005

the book

"white coffin" 2006

white coffin 2006

"history behind clothes" 2006

history behind clothes 2006

"silent voice" 2008

silent voice 2008

"shadow portrait" 2008

shadow portrait

"river of oblivion" 2008

river of oblivion

"misty forest" 2010

misty forest

"echoing life" 2010

echoing life

"remains of the land" 2011

remains of the land

"a Garden echoing with Heartbeats" 2012

a Garden echoing withHeartbeats

"word of silence" 2012

word of silence

"melting core" 2012

melting core

"Wings—dedicated to E—" 2015

"scroll work, of women washing" 2017



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